The Roy Family’s Biggest Fit: What Fashion Means in ‘Succession’

The uniforms of the super-wealthy Roy family in HBO’s “Succession” don’t include the jagged jackets from J Crow or the Patagonian quarter-zip seen on bankers throughout Manhattan.

The Roys family is too rich for that.

In contrast to the stinging advertising attacks and the harsh, flashy insults they inflict on each other, the characters’ clothing choices, while unusually expensive, are subtle. When PGM heiress Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter Jones) Wearing a white pleated two-piece set Reminiscent of pajamas, it’s Proenza Schouler and costs about $2,000. who – which brown t-shirt Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) often wears no shirt; It’s $340 from Maison Margiela.

For stylist Michele Matland, who was unavailable for an interview, “succession” is an exercise in uber-rich outfits. From Roman (Kieran Culkin) to Willa (Justin Loeb), the way each character is presented is not only a sign of class – with a tinge of their alleged personality – but an indication of their standing in relation to patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) as they vie to take his place. as the new CEO of Waystar Royco media group.

Since the second season, many social media accounts have appeared – like successionfashion Which collected nearly 30 thousand followers – archived and documented the clothes on the show. Tiffany Woods, The Woman in the Back Tweet embedShe uses her account to combine her Google and Reddit finds about the different pieces featured on the show.

“I just started Instagram the day before the season 3 premiere,” said the social media manager from Buffalo, New York. “When they were on the yacht in the season two finale, I was like, ‘Everyone was just bringing it in. It just felt like it’s showing you in your face but not showing wealth.'”

Characters wear pieces from Club Monaco, Tom Ford, Max Mara, Cartier, and more. Woods, who started his passion for fashion on Tumblr, said a casual observer wouldn’t be able to spot those brands in “succession” without prior knowledge of fashion. The unassuming but hard-to-reach nature of Roy’s clothing is what appeals to Woods.

It’s pretty much all, ‘Oh,’ [Mark] Zuckerberg only wears the same shirt and shorts [thing]Woods said. But it’s like Kendall’s Maison Margiela T-shirts: “You can’t buy it. It’s also why rich people don’t like to talk about money, and it’s because they don’t want vassals to know how much wealth they have.”

Woods continued, “Maybe I read it like a Reddit thread where Shiv changes between like three hours in two scenes. He’s thinking about how she’d do it with different forces moving in; it’s the same outfit, but who you’re talking to at the moment changes. These are the ways they like to show off. with their wealth.

as for W magazineAnd Zuckerberg’s unbelievably faded gray T-shirt from Brunello Cucinelli, over $300. Meta . CEO said He has “many” of the same shirt so clothing choices are rarely decisions he has to make.

Roman Roy, the disgruntled younger “Succession” and his disgruntled family, has an understated look. Roman is the type of guy who wears a jacket other than a tie, and rarely wears a jacket. Ironically, what he is desperately trying to offer his father is a sense of calm, calm, and togetherness – unlike his hungry brothers. Of course, the truth is that it is not; Maybe Roman actually Be most interested in getting Logan’s approval.

Contrary to the relaxed image that Roman wants to display - he rarely wears a tie or jacket - Roy's younger brother is deeply interested in his father's opinion.
Contrary to the relaxed image that Roman wants to display – he rarely wears a tie or jacket – Roy’s younger brother is deeply interested in his father’s opinion.

Woods said Roman’s style is consistent, similar to his position in the competition. As Schiff noted in the Season 3 finale, Logan probably doesn’t take Roman seriously because he considers him a sexual pervert. Meanwhile, Kendall’s highly organized image fluctuates according to his position in the family hierarchy.

“It’s so much fun because he’s so proud of him, he thinks of him,” Woods of Kendall said. “I think he uses his clothes, even though it’s not in your face, as a way to deal with his feelings. The color choices in season two after the end of season one, it’s grim. It’s grey, and dark brown — very neutral compared to the crisp white.”

After committing a manslaughter at the end of season one, Kendall “Boy One” Logan slowly leaves behind his suit and tie, becoming a dynamic dude. We’ve seen him wear everything from vintage baseball shirts to Gucci’s bomber jackets, the latter serving as a shield against his father’s constant criticism. In Season 1, Episode 8, Kendall Sports “dopey sneakers” – As he calls them – by Lanvin While he embarks on a short-lived assignment as a technical expert.

In season 3, episode 9 of
In Season 3, Episode 9 of “Succession,” Kendall wears a brown suit, as opposed to the brighter floral and patterned patterns the others wear while in Italy.

“What has not been said is that we do not know whether [the characters] They choose this. They are straight billionaires. Woods said. While with Kendall, “He’s like, ‘I just picked those,’ but that’s just because they are such flashy sneakers. The designer wouldn’t pick those for him. Those are the little marks they leave for interpretation to the viewer.”

By the end of the season, he’s back and in the cold arms of his father, who is once again cleaning up the mess. Kendall uses his clothing as a tool for rebellion, often as a way to find identity and distinguish himself from Logan. Woods also noted that Kendall’s stylistic choices are typical of powerful white people who take advantage of black culture when it suits them.

“With chains and jewels, he throws in this weird AAVE who wasn’t because he doesn’t have an identity that isn’t in his father’s eyes,” Woods said. “He’s constantly trying what he cares about.”

From vintage baseball shirts to chains and Gucci jackets, Kendall's style adapts according to the state of his relationship with Logan.
From vintage baseball shirts to chains and Gucci jackets, Kendall’s style adapts according to the state of his relationship with Logan.

The only woman competing in this family fight is Schiff, who has become one of the most stylistically controversial figures. In season two, as a newlywed woman, she transitions from long curls to a blunt bob, ditching her dirty political advisor clothes for a fragile rebirth.

Physical embodiment of the “gaslight, gatekeeper, boss girl” meme, Schiff wants her style and presence to be blunt in an effort to convince her father that she is a formidable threat. Sure, her style evolution makes Schiff stand out to the public, but it’s unclear if that’s what Matland intended.

She was trying to be more friendly [in Season 1], more liberal because she was into politics,” Woods said. “She was trying to distance herself from the family business culture, and as soon as she started going back indoors with the family, it changed.”

The fact that Schiff’s femininity is so unique in Roy’s male-dominated orbit also appears in possibly unintended ways.

“She has a body, too,” Woods said. “In roles of high-powered women, you usually have very skinny people, so that also affects how people comment on the way they dress.”

Shiv and Naomi Pierce are almost fashion chips for each other. While Pierce is “the unruly party girl and fashionista,” Woods said, Schiff would never have filled that role. “Shiv is only here for the girls’ chief and does the least she can to get to the top.”

Chef Roy became more cohesive once politics replaced family rivalries between businesses.
Chef Roy became more cohesive once politics replaced family rivalries between businesses.

Although Woods doesn’t think Schiff has a good sense of style, she did admire some of her pieces in recent episodes—like the $2,490 Ralph Lauren halter cocktail dress in Season Three’s eighth episode. (In the same episode, Kendall wears a $5,975 suit by Brunello Cucinelli.)

As Schiff takes more risks in her career pursuits, Logan becomes frustrated with his daughter. At the same time, she also takes risks with her style – which has drawn more criticism from viewers.

“When people talk about women, they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe they’re wearing like a $50,000 dress.'” Men’s suits are crazy, but you don’t know because they’re not flashy. “It is rooted in sexism and misogyny. Why is it so wrong for a woman to wear this dress compared to this man in a $20,000 suit? “

The creator of Successfits notes that in the world of presentation, organizing photos is everything. However, cases of poor cohesion often act as plot devices. The characters on the fringes, like Connor and Willa, are just as misplaced as their outfits. This was more consistent with Cousin Greg, who had his own style evolution in Season 3.

Cousin Greg's style and personality has evolved more than anyone else
Cousin Greg’s style and personality have evolved more than anyone else in Succession.

Greg Hirsch is idiot and shape-shifting, tweaking to fit the task. When we first meet him, he shows up on his Uncle Logan’s doorstep in a utilitarian jacket, button-down, and pantsuit. Played by 6’7 inch Nicholas Brown, Greg has only worn clothes that look as shaggy as they appear in his inner monologue.

That is, until the end of Season 3, when he appears in a slim-fitting, gray paisley polo shirt. On the cusp of what appears to be his own Lacoste era, Greg makes a “deal with the devil” (that is, traitor Tom), slowly navigating the Roy family’s totem pole.

“Greg has evolved more than anything,” Woods said. “He was literally vomiting [inside a costume] In a theme park in Episode 1, he is now seated between two women at a wedding in Italy. He’s like one of the trickiest chameleons of the bunch. You see him feel more comfortable leaning into a JFK Jr-esque outfit.”

Aside from displays of opulence, Woods said the “Caliphate” fashion is both personal and political. It is a channel through which these characters communicate and a mirror of the calculated transaction choices made by members of the Roy family.

Woods says that viewers would be remiss in neglecting the influence of fashion on the broader scope of the plot.

“That’s exactly what I think of when I watch it. You get a deeper understanding of the show through those costume choices,” Woods said.


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