The sequin commando leggings are the perfect choice for New York City

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New Year’s Eve during the pandemic was different. Instead of hanging out with a stranger in a crowded bar in the middle of the night, most of us will call in 2022 in the comfort of our own homes. But even though COVID safety may change your plans, that doesn’t mean your surgical choices have to suffer for the cause.

Enter: sequin commando leggings, which are everything I wanted, needed, and dreamed about in an article of clothing. They marry comfort in sports with glamorous glamor, making them perfect Choosing for a holiday at home.

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Commando line of luxury leggings, and have collected so many pairs over the years that there’s even an entire section of my wardrobe dedicated to them. Thanks to the fact that they feel like yoga pants but a look Like regular pants, I wear these kids all winter long. I’ve got them in faux suede, latex, and multiple shades of faux leather (black, red, and a snakeskin print, if you really want to know), but the black sequin pair is my all-time favorite — reserved for special occasions when I want to dress up And stick a glass of champagne without having to deal with the inconvenience of actual clothing.

The inner part of the leggings is made of stretch jersey material, so it is easy to put on and you don’t have to worry about the sequins scratching your skin. They have a relaxed waist, slightly short ankles, and my favorite way to wear them is with heels and a short blouse. Since they make big statements on their own, though, I don’t have to think too much about the rest of the outfit: Even if I’m only wearing a white shirt and slippers, that’ll probably be the case Come January 31, they’re still guaranteed to make me I feel great.

The only downside to Commando’s sequin offering is that unlike the rest of the brand’s pants, you can’t toss them at the party after washing—because they’re so delicate, you’ll need to hand wash them and hang dry. But after that, they will be as good as new.

While 2022 may not start with the same bang as in years past, there’s no reason not to celebrate with a little sparkle—Especially When that very sparkle is perfect for stopping by on the couch and watching the special Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidsons (which is, yes, exactly what I would).

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