TikToker uses a travel pillow to bring extra clothes on a budget airline

TikToker has gone viral with clothes sneaking into a travel pillow to avoid paying the budget airline’s carry-on fees.

In the video explanation, Ayo (anayotothe) wrote: “My flight took 3 hours, let’s see how it goes!” Her TikTok has received more than 730 thousand views since it was posted four days ago.

anayotothe my trip is in 3 hours let’s see how it goes! #travelhacks #budgettravel #travelpillow #blackgirltravel #blacktravelfeed ♬ Original Audio – Ayo!

Many low-cost airlines such as Spirit Airlines have strict rules that require passengers to pay for carry-on baggage. Although each budget airline has its own individual baggage restriction, many only allow passengers to bring a free personal item that fits their seat.

Travelers are usually allowed to bring travel pillows in addition to their personal items if they intend to wear them around their necks, but the rules vary depending on the airline and pillow size.

In her video, Ayo took out a wad of a $9 Walgreens neck pillow and stuffed it with clothes. My text overlay said, “Try the spirit and hack Frontier pillow because I’m not trying to pay $60 for a carry-on bag.”

In a follow-up, IU informed viewers that she arrived on the flight without any problems.

“I managed to travel and didn’t have to pay extra,” she said. “On the way to Vegas and the way back I didn’t have to pay for a travel pillow and a backpack.”

anayotothe Reply to @boricua.geek’s update on whether you made it to the flight without paying extra! #Budgettravel #travelhacks #travelpillow #blackgirltravel #blacktravel ♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

She also explained why she went through the extra hassle of stuffing a pillow rather than buying a better plane ticket.

“First off, it took me five minutes to do it,” she said. “Secondly, I live in the Bay Area, I was going to Vegas, it was an hour flight. There was no reason to pay $300 for the trip.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ayo via a TikTok message. We have also reached out to the airlines Spirit and Frontier via email for comment.

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*First Published: January 12, 2022, 7:01 PM CST

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