Used prison clothes cause bad breakouts and infection: a lawsuit

Juliet, Melvin Lewis Wilson JrJuliet, a 39-year-old man accused of shooting a man in the stomach on December 21, 2020, is suing the Will County adult detention facility, claiming prison prices are exorbitant.

“If you look at the Standard Law on Prisons and Prisons…it says in black and white that all prisons and prisons are entitled to reasonable commission rates that all detainees can afford,” Wilson’s suit against Sheriff Mike Kelly and the director of the Will County Jail Claim Del Santerelli.

According to Wilson’s lawsuit, the Will County Jail does not allow inmates to purchase socks, socks or undershirts from the complex because inmates get these items through the prison’s twice-weekly laundry system.

“However, these clothes that are provided to inmates through the WCADF washing system are being used and spoiled by other WCADF inmates, and God knows what these items went through!” exclaimed Wilson in his suit.

“I and many other inmates of the laundry complained about the way the used clothes caused… very bad bulges in the area and this (embarrassing) to say: the penis area, between the butt crack, the foot area, the leg area, the back area and more. Guests are able to keep their underwear on when they arrive at WCADF or give them new items when they arrive at WCADF,” says Wilson.

The defendant in Juliet’s case is also dealing with the cost of the rep for him and his fellow detainees at 95 South Chicago Street.

“We charge 99 cents for individual packages of oatmeal, which are not meant to be sold individually,” Wilson wrote. “We charge $2.07 for a 3.2oz bar of soap. It is not meant to be sold individually. It literally says on the items: Not for individual sale.

“The Will County Adult Detention Facility is clearly making its own rules, by violating the prison and incarceration policy by selling all detainees at a very high price, which is a violation of the rights of all detainees,” the plaintiff asserts.

Wilson asserts that defendants are violating his Eighth and Fourteenth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution “by failing to offer the plaintiff adequate rates for the delegate.

Wilson’s lawsuit closed: “For all of these reasons, I’d like to sue for $1 million.”

According to prison records, Wilson has been in custody since Will County Sheriff deputies arrested him on December 21, 2020 on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, robbery and two counts of battery.

Bail 158000 dollars.

At the time of his arrest, Wilson was living in the 3000 block of Woodside Drive.

Wilson’s jury trial on his five criminal counts is scheduled to begin in late January.

According to the criminal complaint, Wilson is accused of pushing the victim, hitting him in the head, and taking the man’s gun using force and shooting the man in the stomach.

Last week, Well County’s assistant public defender Kristen Weiss submitted a motion stating that “Wilson intends to assert self-defense.”

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