Wear Less Travel Foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary with a new look

The new look for Clothes Less Traveled starts at the front door, but is evident throughout the 25-year-old community thrift store.

Something changed in clothes less traveled. Even pedestrians on Highway 74 south in Peachtree can see it. A sign above the front door bears the new logo of the local thrift store and fresh green and navy colors, hints of what’s new inside.

The sign, along with other finishing touches to the store’s renovation campaign, was unveiled at an open house on October 25. The new logo, a renamed donation truck, and more new paint, finishes, and landscaping topped the already cool upgrades in the floor plan and signage throughout the store.

Board members, volunteers, staff, vendors and old supporters gathered in an open house to celebrate the culmination of the nearly two-year project at Clothes Less Traveled, often referred to as CLT.

“Those of us who have been on this project for a very long time are so excited that tonight has come,” Peggy Thomas, chair of the board of directors, told the crowd.

“I love our new look inside and out,” Thomas said. “It’s not just paint, it’s in people’s hearts here too, so it was really inside and out.”

When the campaign began, Thomas said, the board knew there was no need to rebrand the store, but an update was necessary to stay relevant, improve sales, and attract customers to the store. Thomas compared the occasion to a wedding.

“It’s like the culmination of all this planning,” she said, “but now the new phase of our lives begins.” “The second part of this project will be called Reshare, as we return to the community as ambassadors and continue to share our story.”

Thomas noted the need to make sure the new generation understands how the store serves the community.

Clothes Less Traveled celebrates 25 years of service in 2022. Since 1997, CLT has pumped more than $7 million into local charities. This money comes from sales of gently used clothing and household items donated by local residents.

New and fresh Like the changes in the store, the only thing that hasn’t changed is the purpose of the CLT.

Remarks by Joanne Felsmid, original co-founder of Clothes Less Traveled, on CLT’s unchanged mission.

Joan Felsmid, who co-founded with Mary Ann Cox, reminded the collection of the original store’s mission statement.

“We will create the best thrift store in the community ever,” Velsmid said. “In doing so, we will ask the community to donate gently used clothing and household items, and then we will price them fairly. Then we will ask the community to volunteer their time to help us with this mission. “.

Felsmid noted that the mission statement contains one caveat.

“All these works should be done with a servant’s heart, a smile, and the synergy of love and appreciation.”

After several years in the works, the board amended the original statement to address an unexpected “sudden success,” pledging to invest the financial proceeds from the project back into the community in the form of grants to local not-for-profit organizations. Velsmid challenged the group to continue working in the spirit of the founders.

The spirit of the original mission statement remains the same in the current mission statement, which reads as follows:

We are a community thrift store sharing God’s love By reinvesting the proceeds of donations into local charities.

“You are only twenty-five now,” she told the group. “If you want to celebrate long milestones for decades to come, I ask each and every one of you involved in this organization to embrace and advocate for the mission statement, and you will enjoy longevity.”

The Board of Directors has announced a new annual Founder’s Scholarship in honor of the upcoming Anniversary and Velsmid and Cox, the visionaries who gave birth to CLT. The grant will benefit the Saint Vincent de Paul Association of Georgia, which works to prevent homelessness, fight hunger and change lives.

“I am making this announcement of our new scholarship to recognize the legacy and all the work, all the heart, and all the compassion of the founders of this organization,” said Pam Reed, Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Grants Committee. “They laid the foundation and foundations for everything you see today. And the foundation is so deep that it will span the next twenty, thirty, or forty years.”

Reed also announced that employees and board members will be allowed to direct a grant of $1,000 each to a list of CLT-accredited charities this year, to renew a longstanding practice that has been dormant during the pandemic.

The budget for the next grants process for CLT will be determined in January. The CLT family is inviting local charities to apply for funding, which will resume in the spring of 2022.

“The fact that we are about to celebrate 25 years is a testament to the stewardship of our volunteers, staff and donors,” Reed said. “It’s an exciting time for all of us.”

How can you help

Bring used items and gently care for less travelled clothing, as your donations mean more. Clothes Less Traveled supports local charities by selling or recycling almost everything that comes into the store. Donations are accepted at the back door of CLT Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit the CLT website for more information.

CLT welcomes individuals, students, businesses, church, schools, and civilians to volunteer at their local thrift store. For more information, send an email to Volunteer@clotheslesstraveled.org.

About CLT

Founded in 1997, Clothes Less Traveled provides a well-run and well-run store where donors, volunteers, shoppers and staff feel welcome and valued, and proceeds are reinvested in the community. The store is located at 459 Hwy. 74 South, next to Gil Roy. visit CLT . website or E-mail info@clotheslesstraveled.org for more information.

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