We’ve shopped at Amazon’s The Drop for the latest in fashion

This brand gives a whole new meaning to the concept of “shopping”.

Amazon’s The Drop is a very trendy and easy way to buy clothes, shoes, and accessories on the site. Because Amazon is so huge, The Drop is a simplified adaptation of all the most stylish fashions, some of which are recommended by celebrities and influencers.

With holiday gatherings approaching and like every woman has a complete wardrobe but nothing to wear, I decided to shop The Drop for some holiday essentials and try to create a complete outfit.

After logging into my Amazon account, I headed to the landing page to see what’s now in style and I’ll be working in a warmer-than-average December in New York City. The page is immaculately laid out, starting with Staples by The Drop, including jackets, cardigans (you’ll be back for these someday – they look super comfy) and other cozy winter clothing.

After scrolling around a bit, I saw more evening looks, and I started the process of finding the right sizes. This is always a struggle for me as a bigger person but not exactly plus size, as there are never models or reviews quite like mine. Well, thank you Amazon, when I clicked through my items they all appeared on at least two models, showing a smaller and larger body type with size recommendations in the descriptions.

Side by side two women, one smaller and one larger, wear the same blue silk blouse over jeans
I loved how The Drop featured at least two different models of different body types in their main images, which helped me choose sizes and styles.

Even better, since The Drop has grown in popularity, so have helpful comments and reviews. I like to see real photos of real women in the items, so this was very helpful in my online shopping process.

I settled on this two-tone silk shirt and two sizes just in case, a matching skirt, an oversized white jacket and a pair of chunky white heels that I thought would work on the winter white look and transition into summer. Frugal – I know.

Screenshot of Amazon order with silk shirts, silk skirt, white heels and white jacket
Here are the receipts! I loved shopping at The Drop, there were never more than $100 and everything came in a very comprehensive size, many items up to a 3XL.
Sophie Cannon

Then came the waiting game, which I can’t stand because of my impatience with Type A and also all the shipping delays lately. Fortunately, when you shop on Amazon for clothes, you can get them quickly, even without an Amazon Prime account. I chose standard shipping, ordered my items on Monday and received it at my doorstep on Saturday. Not only did this make me very happy, but also relieved, that I would have plenty of time to try my items and make exchanges if needed before the holidays.

As a great weekend treat, my box arrived at the top of the weekend, with each piece individually wrapped and neatly folded with tissue, to prevent the delicate silk from wrinkling too much. Without further ado I tried everything, except the blue top is too big and the shoes are too tight, they all fit exactly as shown on the site.

Take a look at the slideshow below, using the red arrows to scroll from one outfit to the next.

Split photo with Sophie Cannon on both sides, in black midi skirt and top on the left and black shirt, white jacket and jeans on the right

Loved the way I could take two pieces of black silk and turn them into my dream midi dress, then dress top to bottom with jeans and a blazer for back-to-work wear.

You wouldn’t be complete without a selfie in the mirror, so you can really see what the clothes look like IRL.


  • Amazon’s The Drop is truly a curated one-stop shop for elevated essentials and wardrobe essentials.
  • Everything I picked was well under $100 per item, about $40 per item.
  • Size is all-inclusive, with several “straight-size” items up to 3XL and options for more extended sizes as well.
  • Super fast delivery, five to seven days without having to use Amazon Prime.
  • Items at The Drop rotate frequently, with new seasonal options and categories from comfortable sweaters to casual business wear.


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