Where to buy the best workout clothes for men in 2021

Best Versatile Workout Clothes for Men

Couple working in Hylete clothes


The Hylete clothing set can be used for almost any type of exercise; Boxing, running, weightlifting, you name it. His gear is cleverly designed, comfortable and stylish enough to wear while also not sweating.

Positives: A wide range of versatile sportswear from casual to technical gear, and a variety of sizes and lengths to suit different personal styles, and their tri-blend shirts are especially comfortable.

Negatives: Some shirt sizes seem to vary in different styles

If you’re looking for versatility, look no further than the Hylete Activewear range (available in both men’s and women’s sizes). It offers a variety of tees, tanks, polos, pullovers, and sweatshirts, all designed with the athlete in mind.

And not just for your typical weightlifting runner either. I’ve been wearing Hylete gear for several months now and use it for everything from boxing and resistance band workouts to long bike rides on the weekends (I Act Also lifting weights and running in them).

But don’t get the wrong idea. The brand’s clothing is functional for a variety of workouts but I’ve found myself only wearing tees when I’m not exercising—sometimes as something more casual to wear while working from home or running errands.

Some of my favorites are the Icon II Quad-Blend Tee and the Fuse Short. The shirt has a flattering athletic fit and a blend of fabric that makes it comfortable no matter how active I am (and stays comfortable even if I’m doing a particularly sweaty workout).

The Fuse Short is an example of the brand’s diversity as well. Available in not only sizes from XS to XXL, Hylete also offers them in regular, over-the-knee or quad lengths, allowing people to customize the exact fit based on their workout style and fitness preferences. I wear the quads myself and find them work well for running, weightlifting, cycling or HIIT and boxing.

Pricing for the Hylete is fairly modest as well, with the Icon II Quad-Blend Tee costing $44 and the Fuse Short $74—both prices that fall in the middle of most sportswear well worth spending the money on. The gear is durable, well-built, and ready for a variety of workouts, so it’s well worth the investment.

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